Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Abort! Abort!

It would be disingenuous of me not to write about the set-backs as well as the progress.

On Monday morning I awoke with absolutely no motivation to head out for a training session. Admittedly, I awoke in a tent, so probably hadn't had the best night's sleep, but I'd had around 8 hours or so I reckon, which should have been sufficient. Usual routine of ClifBar and coffee and then off to the track.

Warm-up went off without a hitch, and then I started the work-out itself, which was 5x1200m at 5.45m/m. Pretty quickly I knew something was up; I was getting up to speed no problem but then fading really quickly, as if my batteries were running down. Added to this, a slight twinge in my left achilles was getting less and less slight. I paused the work-out after two reps, had a bit of a stretch/generally sorted myself out, then continued with the third rep. Again, no problem getting up to speed, but fading really quickly. By the time of the fourth rep, I was 10 seconds off pace after only 200m and my ankle was definitely less twinge, more "time to stop", so stop I did. Home to apply ice and RockTape. By Monday afternoon, I'd developed a cold, which would explain the complete lack of energy in the morning, and there was definitely inflammation in my left achilles.

I don't like to quit work-outs, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valour. Had it just been the lack of energy I probably would have continued and just made excuses for the poor pace on Strava(!), but the ankle was something I didn't want to push with a race imminent. As such, I won't be running until Sunday, and am instead focusing on RICE, stretching, eccentric heel drops, and other such fun. So far, that seems to be helping, and I'm optimistic that it was just a bit of overstress that I caught before it turned into anything more. Rachel had a cold at the weekend, and it seemed to clear relatively quickly, so I'm hoping that rest will help that along too, and I'll be fit for Ingram.

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