Monday, 8 August 2016

Prehab, not rehab

Lately, I've "not had time" to do yoga. In reality, this has been more a case of not having the energy to do yoga, though baby wrangling does mean that time is at a premium. However, I have two days a week not otherwise taken up with running or cross training, and since my yoga routine only takes < 30 minutes, I could have fitted at least two sessions in every week, if I'm honest with myself.

However, I didn't, and I'm paying the price as a result. If you remember, I over-stressed my left achilles tendon around a month ago, I suspect as a result of track workouts. This was round about the time that the rot set in so far as lack of yoga goes and, whilst correlation does not equal causation, it's not too big a stretch (ha!) to surmise that the soft tissue was tighter than it should be as a result, and consequently more prone to injury.

Whilst I've been able to race very successfully over the last two weeks in spite of this (at Ingram and Hexham), on yesterday's 18 mile outing it flared up again, along with medial, lateral, and posterior knee pain in the right leg (more commonly known as "totally fucked, mate"). The knee pain I've had before, most recently late September/early October 2015, where it reduced me to a walk on a couple of occasions at the Kielder half marathon. I'm pretty sure it's caused by an overly tight and fairly inactive glute; last time it cropped up yoga had slightly disappeared from the training plan due to a combination of a comedy injury involving a table in the hospital and internal bleeding, and the small matter of becoming a Dad for the first time. I'm reasonably confident that yoga and other sport therapies will resolve that before Robin Hood. I hope so, anyway, as it would be highly inconvenient otherwise. The other straw I'm clutching at is, whilst my run on Sunday was "only" 2k feet of vert, that's still substantially more gain than I have continually run in a long time (Ingram, whilst similar vert, involved a good deal of tactical hiking) combined with my longest run in several months. Probably not surprising then that a great deal of my body turned round and went "WTF?!"

Regarding the ankle, I'm a bit more concerned. I've had problems with this achilles in the past and they've generally resolved with a couple of weeks of complete rest, but the training I was doing at the time was more geared towards "just getting round" rather than "nailing a PB", and I'm not keen on taking too much time off. That said, better to be 10% under-trained than 1% over-trained or, worse, injured on the day. I'll be hobbling off to see Kris the Physio on Wednesday who will hopefully zap it with his frickin' lazerbeam and make all the pain go away. The rest of my broken and twisted body, I shall leave up to Chris the Sport Therapist to sort out.

I'll also be making time for yoga.

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