Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Did you miss me?

Things weren't looking too good with the little piggies 48hrs after Hedgehope, so I trundled off to the hospital to get X-rayed.

"Well, Mr Heathcote, the breaks aren't too displaced, given that you ran a fell race two days ago..."

Whoops. Strict orders to do absolutely no sport for a minimum of three weeks, keeping off the foot as much as possible, and to go see my GP at the end of that period if it still hurt. That brings us to today. Since I clearly can't be trusted to make the decision myself as to what's an acceptable level of discomfort/pain, I went to see the GP even though my foot feels largely back to normal, albeit with two toes that are still noticeably larger than they should be. Quick examination confirmed they're healing ok, and I've had the all clear to gently ease back into things, with orders not to run any fells for another couple of weeks. Happily, Brough Law is in 4 weeks time, and that's a counter for the NECAA Fell Running Championship, so I'll be pulling on the purple vest and showing up for NFR, even if I don't expect to be competitive in any way. I'll also be at my first Harriers training session in a couple of weeks, once I've got some base mileage back.

Two races scheduled for March - the aforementioned Brough Law, and then the Kielder Dark Skies Marathon - but otherwise it's largely head-down in prep for UT110k now. Need to try and get the fitness back, and that means training rather than racing, though I'll be doing the Cheviot Hedgehope Pendulum at the end of April (another NECAA counter) and the Lakeland Marathon as a training run in June.

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