Saturday, 16 September 2017

Run Mindfully

Every year it seems to happen quicker, the changing of the seasons. Vitamin D runs, where you leave the house clad in nothing but split-shorts, sunglasses, and delusions of being Tony Krupicka, give way to merino baselayers and Buffs; the smell of freshly mown hay to that of woodsmoke, as stoves are lit as bastions against the encroaching chill.

I don't mind it, really. In fact, I quite like it. Whilst the warmth of the summer sun never seems to last long enough, early autumn might be my favourite season. My breath curling like smoke from a dragon, backlit by a sunrise the likes of which need #nofilter on Instagram, as I flow along trails and roads. 👌 Some I have known for years and, like old friends, we slot into a comfortable rhythm together; some I am even now only just beginning to explore. Soon, a headtorch will become an essential piece of kit again, and the beam will glint off a thousand frozen dew drops as if they were so many tiny diamonds.

Buddhism teaches that clinging to temporary states and things is ultimately unsatisfactory and painful. Dukkha. Appreciate every run for what it is, not what might have been.

Run mindfully.

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