Monday, 4 September 2017

The 'Terrible' Twos

noun  trib·u·la·tion \ˌtri-byə-ˈlā-shən\ : a trying experience

The title of this blog is Trails and Tribulations. More than just a barely-amusing play on a well-known phrase, it sums up my views on life quite nicely. I use trails to calm the mind, exercise the black dog, however you want to put it; much of the rest of the time, the Generalised Anxiety Disorder makes even the simplest of tasks a tribulation.

Being Daddy to a hilarious little human, of course, means that often I have to cowboy up and just deal with those tribulations (which, not infrequently, he's the source of!); there's always a nappy to change, or a humous wrap to make and, let's face it, Timmy Time/Elmo's World/Thomas & Friends isn't going to just watch itself.

Parenthood means, to a large extent, your time will never be your own again, but it's also necessary to "put your own oxygen mask on first"; if I'm a quivering mess of cortisol, I'm no good to him, and I know that. It's my extreme good fortune that he, having gone to his first race at 1 month old(!), loves the sport I love:

Kielder Half Marathon 2015

"Ready... ready... steady... GO!" (He's a little cheat. False starts every time!)

All of these phrases are part of his vocabulary, and have been for months. In fact, they were some of the first phrases he learned! In order for us to continue to be Rachel and Ben, and not just Mummy and Daddy, it's been necessary for him to grow up around running, and particularly trail running. Luckily, that turned out ok, and being able to cross the line of the UT110k with Rachel holding one hand and Xander holding the other (grinning from ear to ear as he was stealing the show!) was a very special and emotional moment.

This little warrior is two today, simultaneously the funniest and most infuriating he's ever been, and, despite an ability to locate PERIL!!! anywhere and everywhere, has somehow made it this far in one piece(!). I'm immensely proud to be his Daddy. If you see him at a race, give him a fist-bump. He does good fist-bumps. Just never follow his directions if he's marshaling...

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